Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why Buy Property in Phuket?

Why Buy Property in Phuket?
Reasons that make Phuket an attractive location for your Phuket property, holiday home, Phuket condo or place to spend your retirement.
Phuket is Asia's premier resort island with amazing natural beauty including idyllic beaches, amazing diving, first-class hotels, spas, magnificent golf courses, yacht marinas, a plethora of fine restaurants, vibrant nightlife and excellent shopping.
Phuket has one of the fastest growing property markets in the world with an increasing number of high quality real estate Phuket projects by internationally-renowned real estate developers. Environmental-friendly planning laws and height restrictions ensure that developments are low key and low density.
Phuket is Thailand's wealthiest province and also the jewel in the crown of Thailand's tourism industry, therefore receiving a high degree of protection and investment from the central government in Bangkok.
The cost of living in Phuket is very low compared to Europe or other premier resort destinations. In an article titled Paradise Found: Where to Retire Abroad Fortune magazine recently named Phuket as one of the top five places to retire to, “where you can still live like a king on your savings”.
Phuket's appeal is so strong that it was one of the only places in Asia that was unaffected by the Asian economic crisis during the late 1990s. Property values also remained strong even after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
Rental returns on Phuket apartments and villas continue to remain high as more and more holidaymakers are opting for the privacy of a rental property over a hotel room. With visitor arrivals predicted to top 6 million in 2008, the demand for holiday rentals will continue to grow.
Infrastructure and services continue to improve at a fast pace. With two international standard hospitals on the island, quality healthcare is available at a fraction of the cost in the West.
English language primary and secondary education is available on the island with international schools that follow the British or American curriculum, including the British Curriculum International School, formerly Dulwich International College.

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