Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Condo Phuket

This is a luxury Condo Phuket.  The Charm Phuket is situated in the northern end of Patong Beach. The most popular place to be in Phuket. Thailand premier holiday resort location.

During the day, the beach is the centre of the action in Patong with people relaxing, throwing a Frisbee, swimming (areas are cordoned off to separate swimmers from water sports) or simply chatting with new found friends...
If you're bored with being a beach bum you could hire a jeep and explore the island, or take a local tour to Phang Nga or Phi Phi Island. There are also eco-tours which include canoeing, elephant trekking or snorkelling if you want more then simply sightseeing, or visit some of the local attractions nearby.

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